Meeting Room

The Lyon County Public Library (LCPL) Meeting Room is open to the public for civic, cultural, or educational character, but not for money-making or commercial purposes. No money can be exchanged on library premises, other than dues. (No selling, reimbursing, or collecting for a “good cause” is permitted.) No social functions. (showers, birthdays, reunions, etc.) These rules and regulations are set by the Lyon County Public Library Board of Trustees.

The meeting room can accommodate up to 63 people and is equipped with a TV, DVD player, projector, overhead projection screen, and Wi-Fi availability. There is a 10 ft. board room table with 8 chairs, (4) 8 ft. folded tables, 63+ chairs, a podium, and a kitchenette. (refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot)

Organizations must assume responsibility for any damage to either the room or its contents. The room must be clean, chairs stacked against the wall, tables folded, garbage removed, and the bags replaced. (supplies in janitor’s closet, beside water fountain).

There is no charge for the meeting room. Must be 18 years or older. To reserve the room, come in or
call (270) 388-7720. At night meetings, or on days the library is closed, arrangements must be made in advance to pick up the key.

Booking of a meeting, does not mean the library, as an institution, endorses the purposes and policies of groups using its meeting room. The Lyon County Public Library accepts NO liability or responsibility for any damage to persons or property arising from the use of the room. Lyon County Public Library is not responsible for items left behind in the meeting room.